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Welcome to the DSO Housing Toolkit

This toolkit is a library of housing resources put together by DSO staff, with input from people in similar situations, to help you create a housing plan. If you choose to use the My housing and support plan form, Step 1 will provide you with tools to complete it. Additional steps within the toolkit will help you to fill in any gaps in your housing plan. For example, Step 2 "Reviewing housing options and locations" will help if you are not sure where you want to live, and Step 3 "Financing the Plan" will help you explore funding opportunities.

The toolkit has been organized into 6 Steps to make it easier for you to work through the information. Click on each step below to access information, resources, tools and expert advice from our staff, families, partner agencies and organizations.

If you need help going through the toolkit, or you would like to investigate alternative or additional resources, call your area DSO and ask for help with housing navigation, or connect with us online. If you’re not sure which DSO agency to contact, go to our Find your area DSO page for the one near you.