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The #myDSOjourney awareness campaign has been launched to help raise awareness around the importance of social inclusion for adults with developmental disabilities and the positive impact that the adult developmental system is having on the lives of those who access services. The campaign focuses on the journeys of six unique individuals and highlights their struggles and accomplishments and how gaining access to services, along with personal and caregiver resilience, has helped them become more independent and active in their communities.

To help raise awareness we encourage you to share Adam’s journey below and your personal journey on social media and use the hashtag #myDSOjourney, to help inspire future applicants and share local resources with those who are currently on the service registry.

A new journey will be shared each week so don’t forget to bookmark this page and follow us on social media.

DSO Journeys

Christie's Journey

Jordan and Silvie's Journey

Jenison and Jenny's Journey

Peter’s Journey

Paula’s Journey

Adam's Journey