DSO Information

Why Transformation?

The Ontario government is making developmental services and supports even stronger. Several important ideas guide this work. They include:

  • Citizenship: People will make their own decisions and participate in their communities.
  • Fairness and Equity: People will be treated fairly when they ask for help and supports.
  • Accessibility and Portability: It will be easier to ask for help and to apply for services. When people receive funding, they will be able to keep that funding if they move to another part of Ontario.
  • Safety and Security: Services and supports will help people find ways to participate safely in their communities.
  • Accountability: Services and supports will serve people properly. Funding will be used well.
  • Sustainability: Services and supports will be available to people today—and in the future.

Transforming developmental services will help people get access to services more easily. It will allow us to help more people and to ensure that we use fair ways of deciding how much support each person needs. It will also give people with developmental disabilities more choices when it comes to deciding who will help them to achieve their goals. Developmental Services Ontario agencies will help people do this.