DSO Information

Service Registry / Prioritization

Your regional DSO agency will help you connect with services and supports that are available immediately. If there is a wait time for the service, the DSO will keep a list of people who want that service. When an opportunity becomes available, the DSO will review and identify those people whose needs could be met in a particular program, such as a group home. It will also identify people who are in most urgent need of help. The DSO will then ask the agency to consider those people for service or placement.

In the future, “funding entities” will be created to allocate funding and prioritize referrals for services and supports. They will also provide support and assistance to people on service registry for services. Until funding entities are created, Developmental Services Ontario agencies will assist people who are on service registry for supports and services. Your regional DSO agency will also work with agencies in your community to assist people in most urgent need of developmental services and supports.