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The Supports Intensity Scale

The Supports Intensity Scale (SIS) asks questions about the kind of supports a person needs to enjoy a positive quality of life at home, in their community and in their personal relationships.

The first section asks about the kind of support people may need with activities at home, in the community and in a workplace; with health and safety; with social activities and with lifelong learning. The second section asks about a person’s protection and advocacy-related support needs. The third section asks about the person’s special medical and behavioural support needs.

A qualified assessor meets with at least two people, called respondants, who know the individual well. The person with a developmental disability may answer the questions themselves if they are able to communicate about their support needs, but whether or not this is possible, they are always part of the process.

The application form and Supports Intensity Scale are completed in two meetings that each take about two hours.