DSO Information

Linking People to Services and Supports

When we have completed the application process, we will have identified services and supports that can help the person with a developmental disability achieve their goals or meet their needs. Some of these services or programs—like the YMCA, a neighbourhood association or a volunteer action centre—may be available to everyone in the community. We will also tell you about programs like the Ontario Disability Support Program and other local services for people with specific needs.

We will then tell you about services that are funded by the Ministry of Community and Social Services and explain what these services can offer. It is important to know that there are waiting lists for many of the services, such as residential, a community participation supports and person-directed planning. When people need help urgently, we will work with them to explore possible options and choices. We will also prioritize requests by looking at each person’s circumstances and helping those who need the services the most to access them as quickly as possible.

In the future, Developmental Services Ontario agencies will also be able to help people manage direct funding agreements. More information about this will be provided when these opportunities become available.