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Eligibility for Developmental Services and Supports

What does a person need to apply for developmental services?

Before a person can apply for adult developmental services, Development Services Ontario will need to make sure that they are eligible. To do this, we need documentation confirming age, Ontario residency, and a psychological assessment. We need to ensure that each person meets a cognitive, an adaptive, and an age of onset criterion.

If a person has already obtained an assessment through their school, a hospital, or another organization, you can give us a copy of this assessment. We will review it to make sure that they are eligible.

If a person doesn’t have a psychological assessment, someone at your Developmental Services Ontario agency can help you find out how and where to get an assessment done. Some assessments are publicly funded, which means you won’t need to pay. Or, you can choose to pay a psychologist to do one.

Please contact us for more information on eligibility confirmation at Developmental Services Ontario.