DSO Information

After Your Application

After you have completed the application form and Supports Intensity Scale, Developmental Services Ontario staff can help you connect with the programs and supports that interest you. Sometimes, these services are available right away. For some programs, like group homes, there may be a waiting list.

Information from the two interviews will be summarized in an “Assessor Summary Report.” This report highlights important things that were shared during the interviews. The report can help service providers to know

  • whether their agency might be able to provide support to you;
  • how urgently the help is needed;
  • how to begin planning for residential, respite or other services with you; and,
  • how to help you set up services and supports.

This information will be used for service planning with other developmental service agencies. We will also be happy to share information with any people or agencies that you choose.

Referrals for Services

Based on your requests, we can make a referral to an agency that can offer help. If the agency is able to provide service right away, Developmental Services Ontario staff will give them a copy of the Assessor Summary Report and application form. We will only do this with your permission.

Updating Contact Information

Developmental Services Ontario will update information for people who are on waiting lists for services and supports. This helps us to make sure that we have current contact information and to confirm that people wish to remain on the waiting list. It will also allow us to find out if the person’s or caregiver’s needs have changed.

It is important to call us if you are planning to move or change your phone number. If you move to a new region, we can send your application information to service providers in your new community.

If your needs change very significantly, please call your Developmental Services Ontario agency. We may ask to update your application information. Application and Supports Intensity Scale information will be updated at least every five years.

Consent and Developmental Services Ontario

Unless required to do so by law, Developmental Services Ontario will only share personal information with a service provider if we have consent to do so. You can cancel consent to share information at any time by letting us know in writing or by calling us.