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Adult Protective Service Workers

What is the Adult Protective Service Worker (APSW) program?

The Adult Protective Service Worker program matches adults who have a developmental disability and who live on their own in the community with a worker. With the person’s consent and direction, this worker helps them to take care of things they need for everyday living, as well as to set and achieve goals.

Adult Protective Service Workers can also help to connect adults with developmental disabilities with others in their communities and to find and use community resources.

In some communities, Adult Protective Service Workers have different titles, such as Service Coordinator or Adult Support Worker.

What do Adult Protective Service Workers do?

The worker meets regularly with an adult who has a developmental disability to

  • help them get access to community supports and government-funded services,
  • help identify their strengths and needs,
  • inform them about supports and direct them to the ones they need,
  • help manage their community resources and service plans,
  • help them to develop problem-solving and life skills, like budgeting and learning to use public transportation.